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ANN ARBOR, MI—Excitedly touting the toughness and perfect form that elevate it above the millions of blades he watches every day, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh spent a post-practice interview Thursday heaping praise on a blade of grass on the field that really impressed him.And last month, Secretary of State John Kerry told CBS News, the U. is open to negotiating with Syria, something, we discovered, Assad wants. It's not an army that makes-- it make the incursion. They try to infiltrate any area when there is no army and we have-- inhibitance. How do you measure that--President Assad: You cannot measure it but you can tell that the majority of the people who suffered from ISIS, they are supporting the government and, of course, the rest of the Syrian people are afraid from ISIS and I don't think they would-- I think they lost a lot of hearts and minds. Charlie Rose: There is another number that is alarming to me. They base the--their ideology is based on the books of the Wahhabi and Saudi Arabia. It's not something we discover or we try to promote.