Sc2 arcade beta validating cache

25-Oct-2017 16:39

If set, the value is the number of consecutive EOF characters typed as the first characters on an input line before bash exits. Controls the action of the shell on receipt of an EOF character as the sole input.- New: DFC can be activated/deactivated during the game with SHIFT END key - New: DFC feature's frame rate target is adjustable in real time, press SHIFT INSERT to increase the limit and SHIFT DELETE to decrease it - New: Lock frame rate up to monitor's refresh rate.This feature limits internal frame rendering times accordingly to refresh rate (i.e.A few days ago I've started a new tool to automate the 3D settings (AA/AF/Vsync/Catalyst AI/etc.) based on game being started, I think it's very annoying dealing with CCC profiles and shortcuts, not to mention that settings won't be restored after the game is ended.The idea is pretty straightforward: You configure all 3D settings (AA/AF/Catalyst AI/etc.) and save all those settings as a profile for a particular game, when the corresponding game is started the profile is automatically loaded.

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This feature acts like a frame rate limiter with smoothness control, just set a frame rate target and Radeon Pro will try to keep it as close as possible while maintaining frame rendering times close to each other to avoid stuttering.

As with most emulators, CDs or disc are not included and have to be owned separately.

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