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24-Dec-2017 04:46

First we need to know our stuff, build our knowledge, work up a curiosity and not accept myths as truths – let’s take Learning Styles as an example; find research, find data, read the whitepapers, and draw your own conclusions. During the last session I facilitated, which included L&D professionals, I asked the group about understanding company financials. We want a seat at the table, but we don’t want to do the work that will get us there.However because VAK (or some adaptation of the 70 learning styles models) is in just about every “Train the Trainer” book created, we take the collective word of authority as absolute. If you can’t answer those basic business questions, then you need to put on your curious hat. Find your inner curiosity and have some fun with it!

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Here are a few great resources for debunking common learning myths – be curious, I dare you. Example, just the other day, the beginning of debate surface between myself and a peer about role playing (I dislike them, he doesn’t). We then shake our collective heads in dismay when the students tell us they didn’t have the time to do the reading. Learning Rebels think for themselves, form opinion based on solid research and not as quoted above; dependent on the opinions of leadership, or even the customer. Share with them the information you have discovered.

I had to wait for the snow to stop and the wind to die down a bit.